Essex Police informed of 5 'UFO' sightings last year

Essex Police received five reports of UFO sightings last year. The force has made the information publicly available following a freedom of information request. It was asked to provide information about Unidentified Flying Object/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings for the period from January 1, 2020 to November 29, 2020.

Two of the five sightings were in Colchester, while there was one each in Southend, Epping and Uttlesford. Here is a breakdown of what was reported on each occasion: Colchester, February

Around 8.24pm one evening, police were called about three objects seen in the sky. The caller stated he was “100 per cent” sure they were not from an aircraft, and the lights were too bright to be from a helicopter. He also dismissed suggestions it could have been a drone.

One of the lights was described as a ‘fire ball’ and no noise could be heard. Information provided by police says the lights were suspected to be either Chinese lanterns or helicopters. Uttlesford, February

Also in February, police were called about a ‘flaming ball’ flying through the sky around 10.20pm one night. The caller insisted it was “definitely not” an aircraft or drone. The caller’s son, who was alongside her in a car at the time, was unable to see the object because he is partially sighted.

The object was described as ‘like a football with flames coming out of the back of it’. It was said to be flying low. Police records suggest it was a possible meteor/ comet.

The force received no further reports about the sighting and air traffic control at Stansted were unable to provide any answers. Epping, April A convoy of lights were spotted in the sky by a man and his father around 5.15am one morning.

The caller said there were 10 lights in convoy at first, before further groups of 10 lights followed several minutes apart. There was said to be no noise in the sky and the lights were said to be going in a straight line each time. Radar experts said there was no aircraft picked up in the area, and police received no further reports.

It was believed the sighting could have been of Starlink satellites. Colchester, April Police were informed of 30 balls of light in the sky around 9.50pm one day.

The lights were said to be in ‘formation’ and ‘shooting across the sky’. The caller rejected suggestions it could have been a plane. Police said a possible explanation was the lights could have been part of a the sky trail satellite system.

Southend, May An object was seen going at speed through the sky, and being followed by two aircrafts around midnight. The caller was unable to tell what the aircrafts were but said they were displaying red warning lights.

He also reported seeing a ‘big orange light’ which he believed to be the planet mars.

He went on to tell the call handler that he knows what things go on in the world behind scenes” and believed it to be a “strange sighting”.

No explanation was given in police records.

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