Aitec Collimator Lights

Light Type: Luxeon Star LED
Light Class: Outdoor / Rough Use / Etc.
Short Description:

AT2001L, AT2005L

The Collimator series of lights is made by Aitec Co.,Ltd. These are general purpose lights intended for a myriad of duties. The 3-AAA model reviewed is the next generation of this light from Aitec and it has undergone some very serious and significant improvements. The 3-C model is new to and appears to be a pretty tough piece of equipment.

Both lights are made from machined aircraft aluminum which is anodized in one of several colors. The body is available in blue, black, silver or red. The lights are powered by common alkaline cells. The 3-C model has a side click switch and the batteries are inserted by unscrewing the tailcap. The 3-AAA model has a tailcap switch and the batteries are placed inside of a carrier cartridge which is also accessed by unscrewing the tailcap. All of the possible points of water entry are either sealed with an o-ring or a rubber cap.

Both units use a Luxeon I LED behind a recessed custom collimator lens which collects and projects the light forward.

Both lights have lanyard holes machined into the tailcaps, and the 3-AAA model includes a wrist lanyard. Nylon holsters are available for both lights and the 3-AAA model had one included.

Size Reference
Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light
Bezel picture
3-C Beam (AT2001L)
3-AAA Beam (AT2005L)
Detailed Information:The 3 AAA model Collimator light is a great improvement in body design over the original collimator light reviewed here some time ago. Improvements also occurred in the design of the battery carrier. The light output is about the same as before, perhaps a little better. The 3 C model produces a much whiter beam and is significantly brighter. In shape and form it could potentially double as a bludgeon in a pinch.

Both lights are made from machined and anodized aluminum with knurling around the center of the body for grip. The lights are just about the same diameter from front to end with the smaller collimator light tapering very slightly near the tailcap. The machining seems well done and clean.

The bezel contains a custom collimator lens which is not quite perfectly formed. As a result you get the dark blotches seen in the beam pictures, above. The Luxeon Star LEDs are heatsinked nicely with the aluminum body of the light, as they should be, so there should be no damage to the LED as a result of heat generated in their use.

The 3 C model uses a side click switch is set in a recessed dimple and covered with a rubber cover for water resistance. The recess should prevent accidental activation. The AAA model’s switch is on the tailcap and protrudes slightly. The rubber cover of the switch is surrounded by a silver ring. Both switches work easily and provided both tactile and audible indication of activation (they “click”.)

All potential points of water entry are sealed for water resistance with either a rubber seal or an O-ring. If it gets wet, shake it off and keep going. Inspect it later for water entry and dry it out if necessary.

To change the batteries, just unscrew the tail cap. The 3 C model’s batteries just drop in, positive first. The tailcap is flat which would allow the 3 C light to stand on end. The 3 AAA model has its batteries in a carrier that looks like a battery all by itself. Just put the batteries in the carrier with the negative toward the little springs and it should work fine. Drop the carrier in with the positive nipple first and replace the tailcap.

Nylon sheaths are available for both lights and one came with the 3 AAA model. The included sheath was of good quality and could be attached to the belt either vertically or horizontally.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Seem pretty tough, I would expect a long battery life, Bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like: Blotchy beam output.

Other Things I Noticed:

Conclusions: Great general purpose lights. Nice and bright, no bulb to blow, and tough enough for most folks. Tough call on the rating – right in between 3½ and 4 Stars but that blotchy beam bothers me. A cleaner beam would have made them 4 Stars